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In addition to take bath with the hot water from air energy (source) heater,is there any other use?

The hot water is also used for sauna bath, swimming pool, industrial enterprise, agriculture cultivation and planting, low temperature radiation heating.

It is easy to get the air energy (source) heat pump water heater damaged? How long time is its life?

Air energy (source) heat pump water heater has been put into the market for over decade, is a relatively mature product, Bilan air energy (source) heat pump has independent intellectual property rights and invention patents, we promise door-to-door service for 24 hours and two years of product warranty, which lets you use more at ease and free from any worry.

The usage life of the household is 15 years, 12 years for the business, Bilan air energy (source) heat pump is equipped with a variety of protection facilities such as overload, overheating, lack of phase, overpressure, lack of cold media protection, so don’t worry about its damage, its operation and the life of the whole machine is equivalent to air conditioner.

Is there any special requirement for the power cable of air source (energy) heat pump water heater?

The energy saving of air energy (source) water heater is significant, comparation with general water heater, power is smaller, ordinary household power cable is ok.

If other type of water heater has been installed at home, is it available to transform it into air energy heat pump heater?

Air source (energy) heat pump water heater has obvious advantage compared with other water heater, When transforming, please connect any interface of the hot water pipeline with the hot water outlet of air source (energy) heat pump water heater.

Where is the air energy heaters generally installed ?

By statistics, as 90% of users have done, the household air energy heat pump is installed in balcony, kitchen or near the window, whose advantage is that no more room is occupied, which is more safe and stable, and enough volume of hot water runs through indoor entire hot water pipes system. It is better to install the host master of business air energy heat pump on the ground or roof of the attic, which is ventilated and sunny, as the principle of air energy heater is to absorb energy from air, this kinds of installation mode is more beneficial for host master to absorb more energy from air to increase its thermal efficiency (COP).

Comparation with solar energy heater, what is the advantage of air energy heat pump?

a)Solar energy heater only can be used in sunny day, while air energy heat pump can operate in any weather, including cloudy day and all night.

b)Air energy (source) heat pump can sustainably heat, and continuously and rapidly supply hot water.

c)Air energy (source) heat pump is installed at conveniently everywhere, but solar energy can only installed at sunny place.

d)The operating cost of air energy (source) heat pump is higher than solar energy heater in sunny day, but at nights and in cloudy and rainy days, the cost much lower than solar energy heater and the COP(coefficient of performance) is greatly higher solar energy heater assisted by electric heating.

What time is the best time to install air energy heat pump during the new house is being renovated.

Invite installation and design personnel to design hot water pipes and determine the location of air energy heat pump device before installing water and electric facilities, and implement in accordance with the installation scheme after water and electric facilities have been installed.

Does air energy heat pump need electricity?

Yes, but only use a smaller quantity of power to drive compressor to a great deal of heat energy , water is heated by compressor, not power. The power consumption for air source heater is one fourth of equal electric heater.

Comparing with other water heaters? What is advantages of using heat pump?

a) Energy efficient, safety and environmental protection, all-weather operation, easy to use.

b) Avoiding electric and water leakage as the water and electric module is fully separated in the equipment system, also avoiding dry, high power consumption.

c)Energy saving:

d)Avoiding the drawbacks of gas water heater, such as producing harmful gases, Fits and starts etc.

Working principle of heat pump

As a kind of energy, with help of a smaller quantity of electricity power, air energy can be absorbed and utilized by heat pump system. Its Evaporator absorbs heat from the air, water is heated or cooled by heat exchanger (condenser), then transfer hot water or cool water to users.



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